Halloween Costumes Still Available for Rent at Jo’s Costume Shop

Story contributed by broadcast journalism students Mary Clair Kelly and Ashlee Smith

Oxford Hottest Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a fun time to get creative and become someone different. Mary Clair Kelly discovered the most popular halloween costumes this season in Oxford.

For those who haven’t acquired a Halloween costume, there’s still time to pick out the perfect outfit. 

Norma Prewitt, manager and co-owner of Jo’s Costume Shop in Oxford, said many different costumes sell out quickly, but there is one favorite among Oxford residents.

“Top Gun’s been out three times already,” she said, in reference to the popularity of the movie’s themed costumes.

Prewitt said that she gathers her large assortment of costumes from thrift stores and other costume shops that she comes across in her everyday life. She said her imagination is what helps her discover interesting new costumes for her customers to enjoy.

Skylar Bean, an Oxford resident, said she knows her costume choice is a bit out of the ordinary.

“This is my first time being here so I wanted to check it out,” she said. “I wanted to be a female Chucky.”

Prewitt originally opened a small costume shop as a fun hobby, but as her business grew, she knew she needed to expand her building. She always created fun costumes for her two sons and became passionate about creating other characters.

Jo’s opened more than 40 years ago and remains busy for Halloween, sorority swaps, or other themed parties throughout the year.

Jo’s Costume Shop—located at 2524 University Ave.—is strictly rent-only, but the hours are extended through the Halloween season. For all you last minute shoppers, Jo’s has extended hours on Halloween night and will not close until all of its customers have found a costume.


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