Two LOU Retailers Say 2018 Halloween Sales Top Last Year

Story contributed by broadcast journalism students Jack Orloff and Sara Doan

Boost in Halloween sales in Oxford, MS this year

Reporter Sara Down shows us how people are spending more this season on Halloween.

This Halloween, consumers are expected to spend approximately $9 billion on Halloween merchandise, according to a survey by Prosper Insights & Analytics. That’s an average of $87 per American, the study cites. 

In Oxford, stores like Chaney’s Pharmacy have already seen an increase of customers from last Halloween. Chaney’s employee Teresa Flautt said there seem to be a few different types of Halloween shoppers.

“They come in and go, ‘Oh, this is really cute, I don’t necessarily need this but I want it,'” Flautt said. “Then there are some like young moms that have little kids that come in and are having parties, and they’re actually on a mission looking for decorations for their Halloween parties.”

Decorations are not the only focus of Halloween spending in Oxford. Anders Bandy, who works at Holli’s Sweet Tooth on the Square, has also seen a big jump in sales from last season.

“We have regular candy corn that we sell year-round—like the standard yellow, orange, and white candy corn—but then we have like the pumpkin-shaped candy corn for Halloween. We ordered so much of them and we already are almost out already,” Bandy said.

Stores like Chaney’s Pharmacy and Holli’s Sweet Tooth have made sure to stock up on more items this year for Halloween to accommodate the needs of customers.

“I expect it to get a little more busy this week because it’s so close to Halloween, but honestly it has been consistent already for a few weeks now,” Bandy said. 

According to the survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, more than 175 million people plan to take part in the Halloween mania this year. That would be the most people since the year 2003.


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