OUT Addresses Late Buses on Yellow Route

More than 178K people rode the bus in September Photo by Caroline Hewitt.

By Alyssa Schnugg
News Editor

Since the fall semester started at the University of Mississippi, more than 150,000 students have ridden the Oxford-University Transit buses to go shopping, go to the Square and to get to class.

However, those riders who took the Yellow route buses were finding themselves late for class.

“We were getting complaints that the buses on the Yellow route were running late, and they were,” said OUT Manager Ron Biggs. “It was due to a lack of staff.”

Biggs said another bus was added to the route and that it is now fully staffed with drivers.

“We’re up to the number of people we need,” Biggs said Wednesday during the monthly meeting of the OUT commission.

For the month of September, about 178,878 people rode the buses. About 15,543 people took advantage of the free home football Saturday shuttles and about 2,000 Ole Miss students rode the Safe Ride buses back to campus after a night on the Square.

Student and Ole Miss faculty ride the buses for free. Others pay $1 to ride the bus.

For September, the fare box topped out at $1,341 and monthly passes brought in $395.


  1. Overall, “OUT” (Oxford/University Transit) gives Oxford one of the best bus systems in the entire country. NO other town of about 24,000 has such a system. And VERY inexpensive…BUT, one BIG problem. They need to put NUMBERS on those routes. When I am driving and meet a bus in my neighborhood I can not figure out what COLOR it is (a stupid idea right there, to start with…) OR what the destination sign says. They should do something like this: “5 – University Ave.” And do this for EVERY route. The color coded routes make ZERO sense.


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