Hugh Freeze Named AAF’s Newest OC for Arizona Hotshots

By Adam Brown
Sports Editor

Former Ole Miss HC Hugh Freeze. Photo by Steven Gagliano

Former Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze has a new coaching job 1,500 miles from his roots in Oxford. 

Freeze was recently named the offensive coordinator for the Alliance of American Football’s Arizona Hotshots, according to a report by Saturday Down South. The AAF also confirmed Freeze’s position on their website.

The Alliance of American Football league is a new, professional organization consisting of eight teams debuting its inaugural season in February 2019. It was founded by Charlie Ebersol, a film producer, and Bill Polian, former general manager of the Indianapolis Colts. The AAF tweeted Oct. 1 the league has signed more than 500 players for its inaugural season. 

Depending on how teams build their schedules, Freeze could return to the area as Memphis, Atlanta and Birmingham both have teams in the league. 

Photo via the website.’s Jeff Metcalfe tweeted that Freeze would join the Hotshots.

jeffmetcalfe on Twitter

AAF Arizona Hotshots name Hugh Freeze as offensive coordinator, Nick Aliotti as defensive coordinator

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  1. Could you be more specific in your comment? I’m uncertain how Bjork and Vitter are problematic for Ole Miss sports. Have you seen the expansion of the programs? Have you seen how Ole Miss is now a Carnegie R1 Highest Research University? If we want to criticize them, maybe it’s their judgement or taking a blind eye to picking coaches that aren’t smart enough to break the rules and not get caught. Hugh Freeze is a great coach, but his bible thumping, like so many others that wear that mask, was his undoing. Not because he did it, but because it was clearly to hide his indiscretions. We all are fallible, but pride always comes before the fall. Help me if I’m missing something here.

  2. Bjork

    Scandals in three sports

    Lying to fans and donors about the football scandal

    Mishandling the ncaa investigation, at a cost of millions

    Spending huge money on a coaching search and then hired Luke

    Season ticket sales and donations down by 16 percent

    Football program in shambles…..repeated embarrassments on national television


    Enrollment, revenue, and donations down

    Ole miss constantly in the news about one p c issue after another

    Driving long time donors away

    I can go on

    But you get the idea


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