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    The Braves are trending on Twitter right now as they pursue to Game 4 in the MLB finals. This is a very exciting and nerve wracking time for all Braves fans!

    Craig Gordon on Twitter

    Antsy antsy antsy and I’m not even there. #ChopOn #Braves #ForEachOther

    Doc on Twitter

    What emotions are you experiencing for Game 4 of today’s #Braves game?

    JT on Twitter

    Twitter on the right, #Braves in the middle, work nowhere to be found

    Dakota Johnson

    Dakota Johnson is trending right now as it was just announced that she and Chris Martin are having a baby!

    Tweets with replies by Erin Haight (@Erinontheradio) | Twitter

    The latest Tweets and replies from Erin Haight (@Erinontheradio). California Radio Chick|Hoodlum|Red Lipstick Connoisseur|Fueled heavily by coffee…and my dog. United States

    ?D͙a͙y͙s͙h͙a͙ on Twitter


    iHeartRadio on Twitter

    OMG! Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson are having a baby together! Congratulations ❤️


    This hashtag is usually trending on Mondays to remind everyone in the Twitter-sphere to keep on going! Mondays are always tough, but they are better with a little #MondayMotivation.

    Pitbull on Twitter

    Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it! #MondayMotivation

    Merc on Twitter

    Life is a constant search of tranquility. #MondayMotivation #InnerPeace

    Disney*Pixar on Twitter

    He says it’s time to let go! Everything’s gonna be alright! #MondayMotivation


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