October 8: Trending Hashtags

    #MondayMotivation is a hashtag that is used to spread optimism when Monday rolls around.

    Brad Lea on Twitter

    Never lower your STANDARDS just because the people around you can’t reach them. Never compromise who YOU are and what you BELIEVE in. ? #MondayMotivation

    Disney*Pixar on Twitter

    He says it’s time to let go! Everything’s gonna be alright! #MondayMotivation https://t.co/HOFFviOO76

    Steve Harvey on Twitter





    #IndigenousPeoplesDay2018 is a hashtag used to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day 2018.

    YouTube on Twitter

    Today is #IndigenousPeoplesDay2018, when we celebrate the indigenous peoples of America. #CreatorsForChange curated this playlist in honor of the occasion: https://t.co/sPTjXbTWIQ. https://t.co/OAlF2HcflB

    Lucky Tran on Twitter

    Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay2018

    UberFacts on Twitter


    #HurricaneMichael is a hashtag to bring awareness to the upcoming hurricane soon to hit the coast of Florida.

    Fox News on Twitter

    HurricaneMichael is expected to strengthen to a Category 3 storm as it heads straight for the Florida Panhandle. @ShepNewsTeam https://t.co/dPhZdc4emv https://t.co/2jo2da6MiP


    PETA ❤️? on Twitter

    URGENT: Here’s how to help keep your animals safe during #HurricaneMichael. Please retweet!

    Governor Kay Ivey on Twitter

    I’ve issued a State of Emergency in anticipation of wide-spread power outages, wind damage and debris produced by high winds & heavy rain associated with #HurricaneMichael. See the full SOE at https://t.co/ds8p3EQ6m4.


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