Oxfordsip: LOU Community’s Newest Shake and Tea Bar

By Talbert Toole
Lifestyles Editor

Ole miss students enjoy energy teas from Oxfordsip. Photo by Talbert Toole.

College students are constantly on the move. From class, study sessions and extracurricular activities, it can be difficult to find a healthy alternative to replace the luxury of fast food.

Oxfordsip—a nutritious shake and tea bar— is a new option in Oxford for those students and LOU community members who are always on the move, and especially for those who are looking to replace non nutritious meals found in the convenience of fast food chains.

Photo courtesy of Oxfordsip.

The new business, which is located at 1537 University Ave. in the Corner Mall shopping center, opened Monday and has already received exceptional customer feedback, according to store owner Bret Cartwright

The new shake and tea bar was inspired by the various similar concepts that are located in the Jackson area, according to Caleb Cartwright, son of Bret.

The concept of the business is to provide healthy, replacement shakes, with no added sugars, for meals along with energy teas, Caleb said. With the drinks being low in carbohydrates and sugars, those who follow the strictest of diets, such as the Keto and Atkins diet, can consume the delicious drinks.

Hottytoddy.com enjoyed Oxfordsip’s “Rebel Yell.” Photo by Talbert Toole.

“With students always on the run, especially with rush, they have been coming in and grabbing a shake or energy tea,” Caleb said. “And they are good for that meal. It will keep [the students] going until dinner time.”

The replacement shakes and energy teas are popular among for Ole Miss students who are from the Jackson area, Caleb said. “They come up here and they wish they had their shakes and teas. We took that and ran.”

The bar offers full details of nutritional value of each shake and tea. Currently, Oxfordsip offers a variety of drinks, but is looking to expand the menu in the future.

“I want to feature a new drink and shake every week,” Bret said. “Right now, we didn’t want to overwhelm [the clients].”

Oxfordsip also offers $3 off when customers purchase a combo of a shake and tea while also posting a picture of their product on any social media platform, Caleb said.

Hottytoddy.com was able to try the “Rebel Yell” energy tea. Fused with two different colors, the drink brings flavor and energy with each sip.

For more information on Oxfordsip, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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