Vassallo: SEC Strength Ratings Following Week 3

Alabama: 100…..The Tide getting stronger each week. Can any team compete against this elephant?

Georgia: 98…..This week at Missouri could determine the eastern champion.

LSU: 95…..Coach O’s team is solid. The win on “the plains” was huge!

MSU: 91…..A major contest this week in Lexington is first real challenge of season.

Texas A&M: 90…..At Tuscaloosa this week will send a message throughout the West. Beware or not!

Auburn: 87…..The home loss deflated this toothless tiger. Not the force once thought as the potential “Cat 5” appears to be just a tropical depression.

South Carolina: 86…..An interesting trip to the Music City Saturday will rank the order in the east.

Kentucky: 83…..With MSU arriving, will validate the Gator road win or not.

Florida: 77…..Heading to Rocky Top. A must win for these two second tier teams.

Vandy: 76….The moral victory at South Bend should inspire the Dores.

Missouri: 74….. All those points given up at Purdue reveal cracks in the armor. GA, this week, will be extremely
difficult to contain.

Ole Miss: 73…..Ouch! How does one regroup from a 55 point loss? Answer: Kent State

Tennessee: 70…Smokey needs to be ready for Mullen & Co. as this is best opp for a conference win.

Arkansas: 60….The Hogs got slaughtered again! The next two weeks only get more difficult.

As the eighth largest audience watched the most embarrassing loss in Ole Miss recent history, the question now is can the season be salvaged? The defense is absolutely the worst in the SEC thus far, even giving up more points than Arkansas. The offense of the New England Patriots could not cover this charity. A total rehab is in order NOW. Suffering through one or more of these performances will return students and alums to the Grove in the first quarter rather than waiting for halftime! Oh, what memories from growing up in Nashville.

Steve VassalloSteve Vassallo is a contributor. Steve writes on Ole Miss athletics, Oxford business, politics and other subjects. He is an Ole Miss grad and former radio announcer for the basketball team. Currently, Steve is an active Economic Development Consultant working with communities globally who live in Oxford with his wife Rosie. You can contact Steve at or call him at 985-852-7745.


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