Meek School of Journalism and New Media Issues Statement Regarding Donor’s Post

In light of a recent Facebook post made by a Meek School of Journalism and New Media donor, the Meek School of Journalism and New Media issued a statement aligning with the values of the University of Mississippi:

“Earlier today the donor whose name is on our school, Ed Meek, made a post on his personal Facebook account that we find highly offensive. This post is in no way associated with or represents our school, our students or our faculty. We are embarrassed by his actions,” the statement read.

We agree with our Chancellor Jeff Vitter when he said, “We all want to ensure a safe, family-friendly environment at the university and in Oxford, and we condemn the tone and content of this social media post. The photos in his post suggest an unjustified racial overtone that is highly offensive and we urge him to withdraw his comment and apologize to anyone offended.”

The post came from Meek’s personal Facebook account. 

Meek, the former owner of, later deleted the post and issued and apology:

“I apologize to those offended by my post,” he wrote. “My intent was to point out we have a problem in The Grove and on the Oxford Square.”  

However, he removed the apology a short time after posting it.


  1. I have known Ed Meek for half a century and have always found him to be personable, intelligent, and compassionate in every respect. Not only has he worked diligently to support and enhance the values of Ole Miss, but he has been a generous donor to the School of Journalism. Ed himself is a qualified, capable, and well-known Journalist. He was not responsible for nor did he participate in the event that occurred after the Alabama game–he simply reported what he observed. Isn’t this the role of a good journalist? Isn’t this what the Ole Miss School of Journalism should be teaching? I suggest that everyone take a step back and place the blame for this unfortunate event where it should be placed.

  2. I have known Dr. Ed Meek for 48 years. He is one of the finest people I have ever known. He commands respect and brings the best out of people. His love of Ole Miss has no bounds. His hand goes out to help, never hurt. This smear campaign is absurd.

  3. Ed, I find your remarks spot on regarding present day Oxford. I stand behind you 100%.
    george walker
    new orleans
    German tutor Oxford campus 1970s

  4. This article correctly states that Dr. Ed Meek is “the former owner of” However, it should have ALSO stated that Ed and his wife Becky just last week finalized the GIFTING of to the Meek School of Journalism at Ole Miss. So in addition to a 5.3 million dollar donation in 2009 he has ALSO just gifted to the School. And the school educates both blacks and whites.

  5. And now, they ask, Dr. Meek, to “request that his own name be removed” from the very school he helped to build?? They stand so tall and mighty to accept and condone false accusations, yet don’t have the guts to face their own fears—the fear of their own cowardice. Don’t you dare resign to this slaughter of your name. You know, and everyone who knows you knows, that the comments were not targeting race. They brought light to a very misguided and troubled generation. You have every right to your experienced opinion, based on facts. To bend to this childish sensorship, and to students, who are so scarred and broken, they don’t even need a real cause to call for blood, and forego our basic right to freedom of speech, may overshadow all of the pure and powerful good you have accomplished for the last 50+ years. Please don’t do it. In the name of freedom for all, please refuse to remove your name from the entity you helped to build. Your visions for a better world should never be muffled, especially by the press. How ironic, and sad, it is to see this event unfolding in such an unnatural state of fear and bias, on the very grounds you, and other courageous leaders, have worked so hard to lift up and deliver from the muck. What is the REAL REASON for the cowardly lions to pounce? That is the underlying question here. Not race.

  6. Apparently having an opinion is no longer tolerated in Oxford.

    They must have a blue ribbon panel at ole miss who is completely dedicated to finding ways for ole miss to look stupid and embarrass themselves

  7. This picture was taken at an event on the Oxford Square and Dr. Meek’s comments were primarily related to Oxford. Ole Miss administration, faculty, and students quickly jumped on the criticism bandwagon. Have we heard anything—pro or con—from Oxford’s Mayor or Board of Aldermen? If not, why not?

  8. Dr. Meek, I am a 1974 graduate of Ole Miss and I dearly love this school. As you do. Please don’t give in to these ridiculous demands! There have been so many traditions of our school that have been taken away from us
    because they offend someone.
    I don’t want you to be the next thing taken away. Stand firm. You have more support than you know!.

  9. Freedom of speech unless you are conservative, freedom of the press unless you align with the silent observers watching the fading of self respect and control.

  10. Chancellor Vitter scheduled a forum to discuss removing Dr. Ed Meek’s name from the School he created, and Vitter did it just TWENTY SEVEN HOURS AFTER Dr. Ed posted his post on his personal FB page. Had Ed
    shot an Ole Miss faculty member NO meeting would have been called THAT quickly. Think about that!


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