County to Hold Hearing to Determine if 2 Properties Pose Safety Hazard

246 Hwy 30 East
Photo 2016 Google Earth

By Alyssa Schnugg
Staff writer

The Lafayette County Board of Supervisors will be considering whether two county properties meet the criteria to be condemned.

County Building Inspector Joel Hollowell presented the two properties at Monday’s regular board meeting.

The first is located at 246 Highway 30 and is overgrown with kudzu.

“There are numerous inoperable vehicles and other items of debris,” Hollowell said.

The house is in extreme disrepair, he added.

92 County Road 390
Photo 2016 Google Earth

The second property is at 92 CR 390. The grounds are overground and Hollowell said there is also a lot of scattered household garbage around the property.

The Board of Supervisors can only help in these situations if the property is condemned.

The public hearing is set for Oct. 15 at the Lafayette County Chancery Building.

If the supervisors vote to condemn the two properties, county crews will go onto the property and clean it up and remove structures that are structurally unsafe and pose a risk. The cost to clean up the property will then be added to the property taxes.


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