Sports Betting Now a Reality in Tunica Casinos

As of noon this past Friday, Tunica casinos officially launched their Sportsbook addition, eliminating the Vegas “chokehold” over sports bettors in the US. This “monopoly” has existed for the past 60 plus years and now states other than Nevada can compete for this market.’s Steve Vassallo caught up with Justin Carter, general manager of the Hollywood Casino, to find out what this new amenity means for Mississippi residents as well as for those out-of-state guests to the casino.

The grand opening of the Sportsbook betting facility last Friday at the Hollywood Casino in Tunica. Photo courtesy of the Hollywood Casino.

The Sportsbook area of the casino is open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday and from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on other days to place bets. All sports including golf, baseball, football, etc. will be available for enthusiasts interested in college and professional competition. In fact, one of the first wagers placed was a 100 to 1 (odds) that the Cleveland Browns will win the Super Bowl. This was quickly followed by a bet on the Cubs involving their baseball game for Friday night.

Successful bettors will have up to 120 days to cash winning tickets, which can even be mailed in for convenience. Currently, all sports bets made have to be in person at the casino, however, this could change in the future allowing mobile devices to be utilized in placing sports bets.

The casino is planning weekend packages for sports fans, especially when their team of choice is on the road. Fans will be able to watch games on an extra large screen plus up to 12 smaller screens at a given time to view multiple games simultaneously. The casinos are creating a “stay and play atmosphere” which will be enjoyable for college and pro fans throughout the region.

The Hollywood, as well as the other properties in Tunica that are now featuring a Sportsbook, are planning to reach out to those potential customers who have never visited a casino previously. The creation of a warm atmosphere for sports bettors is intended to increase significantly the number of patrons heading to Tunica.

And before we overlook this Saturday’s most important game to Ole Miss fans, the Rebels opened as a two point underdog to Texas Tech. What this means is that if one places a wager on Ole Miss, you are ahead 2-0 when the game starts. Texas Tech would have to win by a field goal or more in order to lose the bet. The betting line can change, however, as the game date draws closer. For example, should heavy betting occur on Ole Miss, the 2 point line could drop and the degree would depend upon the volume being wagered.

Steve VassalloSteve Vassallo is a contributor. Steve writes on Ole Miss athletics, Oxford business, politics and other subjects. He is an Ole Miss grad and former radio announcer for the basketball team. Currently, Steve is an active Economic Development Consultant working with communities globally who live in Oxford with his wife Rosie. You can contact Steve at or call him at 985-852-7745.


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