Pantry Assisted More Than 400 Families in Month of July

By John Kohne
Volunteer at The Pantry

Typical to our Mississippi summer, July was a hot time at The Pantry.

Special thanks to the cooling smiles and friendly attitude offered by the many volunteers from Community Church of Oxford and Peace Lutheran. The fourth of July holiday resulted in a very light show of clients in week one but we stayed real busy the rest of the month assisting 459 families.

Additionally Pantry volunteers monthly provide groceries for 68 homebound families. We truly are blessed to have the continued donation of fresh produce from both the Community Market and Bost Farms.

The Pantry has been able to provide these fresh vegetables for many years thanks to the compassionate heart of Bost Farms and all our local community growers.

For more information on how you can help The Pantry, follow this link.


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