Ole Miss Unveils New Logos to Accompany Landshark Legacy

By Anna Grace Usery

Ole Miss revealed its new mascot this weekend, Tony the Landshark, and soon fans can buy licensed items to show their support. In addition to Tony, Ole Miss rolled out a few new logos to complement the new Landshark trademark. 

Photo courtesy of Ole Miss Athletics.
Photo courtesy of Ole Miss Athletics.
Photo from Ole Miss Athletics.

The spirit of the Landshark dates back to 2008, when Ole Miss won the Cotton Bowl after four straight losing seasons. In a moment of celebration that season, senior linebacker and Iraq War veteran Tony Fein made the legendary ‘Fins Up’ gesture after a game-changing play. 

For more information regarding the new logos, follow this link. 


  1. Why would you want this image now? Address the bear in the room first. I wouldn’t want to see this on a helmet and be called the Rebels. The way I see it is the name change to the University of Mississippi Landsharks is ultimately coming. Looking at it from a brand point of view, this new image is bad marketing for the University of Mississippi Rebels with their effort to get new people to look at the University for educational services. Although all of this saddens me, the way I see it is the history of being the Ole Miss Rebels will be a thing of the past very soon. They will have to accept that they will lose a percentage of its alumni and fan base for continuing to press for a new transition (because in the end its about money).

    Above all, it sickens me that political correctness has taken something many people admired about the University of Mississippi, twisted it with misinformation and bad public information campaigns, made it into something evil and ultimately to burning issue. Being from Mississippi in the heart of the “bible belt” aka “the heart of Dixie”, the toughest pill to swallow for this ole traditionalist is they have taken Col Reb from its image, and Dixie from the band which was once a celebrated admired song that everyone celebrated at Ole Miss, and even further back of which even Abraham Lincoln celebrated (he had it played at some of his political rallies and at the announcement of General Robert E. Lee’s surrender). What we loved about our University as well as what alumni for generations have kept sacred to Ole Miss has changed and its a tough pill for some of us to swallow. If people can no longer embrace the good and bad of all history, then the only option is a change and start a new. For me, the old song lyrics remain true…. “Old times there are not forgotten, Look Away, Look Away, Look Away Dixie Land.

  2. This is absolutely ridiculous. DEO VINDICE! Look away Dixieland! I quit being a fan when you banned Dixie from being played at games. I remember going to games when my uncle attended law school. The band played Dixie and the stars and bars waved all over the stadium. It was a beautiful sight. You were THE University of MS. Now you’re nothing more than a bunch of liberal scum that no longer represents The Great State of Mississippi.

  3. I will not watch a single Ole Miss game this year. When you bend to the will of a few fringe element complainers you lose my support.

  4. Did anyone even bother to look up the urban definition of land shark? Fools. Please, UofM is an absolute disgrace. Drop the Rebels name already.


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