Tallahatchie County Sheriff Arrested on Drug Trafficking Charges

The sheriff of Tallahatchie County has been arrested on federal narcotics trafficking and extortion charges, according to a press release from the U.S. Department of Justice.

William Brewer, 58, a resident of Oakland was charged with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance and extortion and bribery under color of official right in violation of the Hobbs Act.

Brewer was charged by criminal complaint in the Northern District of Mississippi.

Brewer appeared today before U.S. Magistrate Judge Roy Percy. He was remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service pending preliminary and detention hearings which are set for Aug. 14, 2018, at 10 a.m., in the Federal Courthouse in Oxford.

If convicted, Brewer faces up to 20 years in prison on each count, along with fines ranging from $250,000 to $1,000,000 per count.

Hottytoddy.com staff report


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