‘Oxsicles’ Offer Reprieve From Summer Heat

By Anna Grace Usery

In a sea of fresh green vegetables, brightly colored fruits and freshly baked pies at the Oxford Community Market is a large pink umbrella. Locals know that under that pink umbrella are Oxford’s favorite popsicles, Oxsicles. 

The all-natural, dairy-free sweet treats are flavored with local honey and fruits to produce a dessert patrons don’t have to feel guilty about eating. With flavors like strawberry, orange and pineapple, any fruit lover can settle on a flavor he or she is passionate about. For the adventurous palate, lavender lemonade, hibiscus lime and nutella banana are all popular flavors. 

Marcus and George Inman, popsicle aficionados, both like to choose “blue grape” each time they come to Oxsicles. 

Marcus and George Inman each enjoy a blue grape Oxsicle Tuesday, July 17. Photo by Anna Grace Usery.

Their dad, Oxford resident Marc Inman, said his wife typically takes the boys to the popsicle stand, but he was filling in for the afternoon.

“We like supporting local establishments, and we feel like we’re contributing to the local community here,” he said. 

Elizabeth Speed, formerly of Good Food for Oxford Schools, was working the cart during the Oxford Community Market July 17. She said she’s glad for Oxsicles to be associated with a community that appreciates knowing where their food comes from.

“By buying this produce your money is staying in the community,” she said.

Elizabeth Speed said she’s glad for Oxsicles to be associated with a community that appreciates knowing where their food comes from. Photo by Anna Grace Usery.

Owner Lauren Klimetz said her inspiration for Oxsicles was an appreciation of made-from-scratch treats. 

She said the process of making an Oxsicle varies by flavor, but for the most part she blends fruits with lemon and honey in her “trusty” Vitamix.

“Then I pour [the mixture] into molds, insert sticks and lower them down into my RoboPop (Yep! It’s really called that!),” she said. “I wait a little while, dip in warm water, drop into a large tub and bag each one individually to get them into the freezer quick sharp.”   

Kilmetz said one of her favorite aspects of the job is seeing each patron light up with excitement, especially the children who eat Oxsicles. 

“I love it when someone takes a bite and yells ‘Oh my God, this is amazing!’ as they walk away,” she said. It’s really uplifting when people love something you poured your heart and soul (and sweat!) into.”

Oxsicles is open at the following times and locations:

Oxford Community Market, Tuesdays: 3 p.m. – 6:30pm 
Midtown Farmers Market, Saturdays: 8 a.m. – 11 a.m.
They also have freezers at The Lily Pad, Beagle Bagel Bakery and Goose Creek Club. Oxsicles are also stocked at Chicory Market and the Oxford Canteen. Oxsicles can also be found outside of Oxford at Native Son Farm Stand in Tupelo and at The Pizza Grocery in Corinth.



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