Commissioner Carr to Visit Mississippi for Telehealth Tour

On Friday, July 13, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr will visit Mississippi to discuss the FCC’s newly announced $100 million “Connected Care Pilot Program” to support telehealth for low-income Americans, especially those living in rural areas and veterans. The initiative was announced by Commissioner Carr yesterday in an op-ed with Senator Roger Wicker.

Commissioner Carr’s visit to Mississippi will include:

*10:00 a.m. – Commissioner Carr and Ruleville, Mississippi Mayor Edwards visit the Diabetes Telehealth Program at North Sunflower Medical Center to see how the facility is using remote telehealth technologies to provide healthcare to the rural community. They will also meet with a local resident that participated in the diabetes program.

WHERE: North Sunflower Medical Center, NSMC Boardroom, 840 N. Oak Avenue, Ruleville, MS. 

*1:00 p.m. – Commissioner Carr and Senator Roger Wicker hold a press conference to discuss the FCC’s newly announced Connected Care Pilot Program.

WHERE: C Spire Building, Center for TeleHealth Conference Room, 300 Renaissance Building, 1018 Highland Colony Parkway, 6th Floor – Suite 600, Ridgeland, MS.

Via the Federal Communications Commission


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