Oxford Crime Reports for July 10, 2018

The following reports were made Tuesday, July 10, 2018, by city and county law enforcement agencies. 

Oxford Police Department investigated 14 wrecks, issued six tickets, made one arrest for disturbing the peace and responded to the following calls:
5 alarms
1 ambulance assist
1 animal complaint
4 civil matters
1 credit card fraud
1 discharging the fireworks in the city limits
1 discharging the peace
1 fire department assist
1 improper parking
2 K9 search
1 littering
1 lost property
1 malicious mischief
1 motorist assist
1 petty theft
1 suspicious person
1 suspicious vehicle
1 welfare check

Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department made no arrests, investigated one wreck and the following reports:
3 alarms
3 animal complaints
2 disturbances
1 juvenile complaint
1 service call
5 suspicious activities
3 welfare checks
1 transport
3 informational reports
1 follow-up
1 road obstruction
3 civil matters
1 assistance call
1 natural cause death
5 papers served

University Police Department investigated one wreck and made three traffic stops

Oxford Fire Department responded to the following calls:
1:11 and 3:35 p.m. to 2504 Capitol Street but canceled en route
2:05 p.m. to Faulkner Flats but canceled en route
2:38 p.m. to 55 CR 191 to assist Lafayette County with a house fire
4:13 p.m. to Walmart for a medical call

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