Social Oxford Opens as Newest Liquor Store in Oxford

By Talbert Toole
Lifestyles Editor

Oxford resident Harland Jones celebrated the opening of his newest venture Social Oxford—a wine and whiskey house—this morning, July 2. The new liquor store is located on University Avenue in the shopping center behind Burger King.

After spending the past nine years as a general manager of PJ’s Liquor Store, Jones decided he wanted to open his very own liquor business.

Jones first realized he had a passion for customer service and providing quality products to customers when he graduated from Ole Miss in 2006 and opened up his very own pizzeria, L’Amore.

After operating the pizzeria from 2007 to 2009, Jones realized the restaurant industry wasn’t the niche for him, but he did enjoy running a small business.

“[I] loved running a small business managing people and interacting with customers,” Jones said.

In 2009, Jones was given the opportunity to manage PJ’s, which further developed his passion for customer service among wine and spirits.

“Over those years, I developed a strong passion for wine and bourbon,” he said. “Combine the two, my work with one of my hobbies…it’s a pretty cool thing to me.”

Harland Jones and associates organize inventory in the store’s computer software. Photo by Talbert Toole.

During those years, Jones studied wine, toured distilleries and became diligent in learning the world of wine and spirits, he said.

“I want to offer a clean, upscale atmosphere and good customer service,” he said.

Jones believes drinking should be paired with friends and family. This concept of social gathering is what ignited the name for his business.

“When I think of wine and spirits, I think of friends and family enjoying [wine and spirits],” he said.

In addition to top-notch customer services and prices, Jones is also implementing a loyalty program to patrons of Social. Customers who participate in the program will receive discounts from points accumulated from purchases, along with being the first to receive notifications regarding discounts and promotions. 

For more information on Social Oxford and the loyalty program, visit their website here.


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