Investigation Into LHS Teacher “Taking Longer” Than Usual

The investigation into a Lafayette High School female teacher accused of improper conduct with male students is still ongoing, according to Lafayette County Sheriff Chief Investigator Alan Wilburn.

As of Monday afternoon, a probable cause hearing has not yet been held in the case.

“It’s taken longer than other similar investigations,” Wilburn said. “Because we want to make sure we get it right.”

Last week, Wilburn confirmed there was an open investigation; however, since no arrest has been made, the name of the teacher has not been released publicly.

A probable cause hearing is the state’s warrant process when allegations of misconduct are brought against a figure of authority, such as a teacher or law enforcement officer. Much like a grand jury, police will present evidence before a circuit court judge to determine if it’s sufficient enough to issue a warrant for the suspect’s arrest.

By Alyssa Schnugg, staff reporter. She can be reached at


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