Eli Manning Reaches Settlement in Memorabilia Fraud Lawsuit

Eli Manning vs. Houston Texans
Eli Manning drops pack to pass in a 2010 games against the Houston Texans.

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A lawsuit accusing former Ole Miss and current New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning of selling fraudulent “game-worn” memorabilia to collectors has reportedly been settled, according to Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk.

The trial’s jury selection began this week, but the death of an attorney’s family member was going to delay that process to next week, prior to Smith’s report.

However, Manning and the plaintiffs reportedly agreed to settle instead, according to the report.

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The quarterback and Giants co-owner John Mara were mentioned on the list of potential witnesses for the trial prior to the settlement.

Manning had previously denied involvement in the incident and accused lead plaintiff Eric Inselberg of being a scam artist who had a history of selling fake memorabilia himself for several years.

His attorneys described the lawsuit as “inflammatory and baseless,” while also claiming that the Inselberg’s attorneys had used underhanded tactics to create negative press for Manning, according to via the Associated Press’ David Porter.

Inselberg originally filed the lawsuit against Manning in 2014, claiming that two helmets that he and two other plaintiffs purchased — including one that was believed to be used by the quarterback during the Giants’ 2007-08 Super Bowl run — weren’t actually game worn.

According to the lawsuit, Manning had texted a team equipment manager that the helmets in question could “pass as game used.”

However, the SEC legend and former Super Bowl champion can now focus on his 15th NFL season now that a settlement has been reached.

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