ACT Scores Soar at Oxford High School

Oxford High School reports another record-setting year with ACT scores. Ranging from 9th grade to 12th grade, there are 101 students who are now a part of the “Oxford 30+ Club”- a distinction given to those who scored 30 or higher on the ACT.

9th Grade
Edmund Doerksen
Alexander Mobley

10th Grade
Niamke Buchanan
Cooper Crawley

Edward Hu
John Meagher
Albert Pham-Dao
Sophie Quinn

Emmie Stevens
James Torrent
Edward Brown
Molly Samonds

11th Grade
Joel Adamson
Alias Addy
Janna Baker
Samuel Barnard
Emily Bone
Anneke Buskes
Siena Cizdziel
Olivia Cohen
Anna Claire Franklin
Jackson Dear
Marawan Elgohry
Eve Gershon
Gabbie Goulet
Yaniv Goulet
Meredith Goza

Taylor Green
John Harvey
Aldo Herrera
Preston Hooker
Nick Huggins
Campbell McCready
Vasilios Tidwell
Nolan Farmer
Brannan Kovachev
Gryphon Lejeune
Jack Ligon
Magnolia Livingston
Gillian Meyers
Griffin O’Neill
Claire Pearson
Sydney Rester

Lydia Robbins
Philip Simpson
Lily Smith
Sidney Telford
Cooper Thomason
Addie Thompson
Halford Thompson
Sidney Thornton
Noel Torma
David Torrent
Brandon Watts
Lindsey White
Dan O’Keefe
Olivia Rychlak

12th Grade
Sarah Boothe
Joanna Bu
Jackson Burkes
Lauren Chandler
Calendula Cheng
Madison Colston
Annie Forgette
Andrew Gardner
Cole Grafton
Shahbaz Gul
Daniel Hall
Logan Harrell
Andrew Hester
Isuru Hewamanna
Grace Anne Jones

Luke Kelly
Mary Kendricks
Brookes Kevin
Ivy Li
Olivia Meyer
Lily Mitchell
Anna Pham
Cole Moore
Ryan Mounce
Neely Mullen
Bo Nash
Joe O’Keefe
Aiden Oliver
Lucas Olmstead
Sadie Pasco-Pranger

Josh Pearson
Anne Elizabeth Pittman
Chip Powell
Anish Ravishankar
Anna Renfroe
Virginia Smith
Virginia Sudduth
Ann Sullivan
William Harrison Tann
Akshaya Vijayasankar
Qihang Wang
Raina Woolworth
Olivia Wymore
Soumil Datta

For more information on the 30+ Club, contact Bradley Roberson, Principal at Oxford High School at (662)234-1562 or

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