No Time 2 Cook Recipe of the Week: South Louisiana Gumbo

The quickest, easiest and most delicious gumbo!

All the work is in our Cajun Gumbo Base. It’s a frozen concentrate of dark roux, okra, Louisiana trinity (onions, celery and bell pepper), a premium all-natural chicken base, and our secret No Time 2 Cook spice. With deep family roots in South Louisiana from Baton Rouge to Houma, my gumbo base was inspired and developed from the way my family cooked gumbo.

All you need:

No Time 2 Cook Cajun Gumbo Base; water or broth; shrimp, crab and sausage; recipe below and about 30 minutes. 

Where to find our Cajun Gumbo Base?

The Shell station on Sisk Ave., Oxford
Plaza Jewelers, Batesville
For directions, go to our location page.

For home delivery:

Instead of placing your No Time 2 Cook order online, call us at 662-236-9456 or email your phone number to We’ll call you back to take your order. You can still order all our other great products online, but to include a gumbo base, you’ll have to contact us directly.

How easy is it really?

For our family gathering to watch Super Bowl 2018, I brought a thawed Gumbo Base. My cousin had the raw shrimp, crab claw meat and browned sausage ready to add. I showed up at 5 p.m., and our delicious meal was ready in time for kickoff. My cousin’s bowl looked so good, I wouldn’t let him take a bite until I snapped this shot (Photo shown above).

In 2005, Karen Kurr began selling her Cajun and southern dishes at local farmers markets. Today, her frozen meals are still made from scratch in Oxford, Mississippi, and sold in 200 Kroger stores, independent retailers and online. Karen’s passion is simple: to help bring families back to the dinner table. Her products make dinner easier when you are short on time. Karen continues to share family recipes with loyal customers on, the NoTime2Cook website and on social media.

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  1. This is a delicious, yet easy to prepare gumbo recipe worth trying. Using fresh jumbo shrimp, I made it with a slight Chesapeake twist by adding a little Old Bay seasoning. Thanks for sharing.