VIDEO: Great Oxford Gifts for Your Valentine

With Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, Oxford businesses are busily offering up their best advice for those struggling to find the right way to share their feelings.  At Oxford Floral, owner David Naron says you can’t miss with a bouquet.

“Everyone loves to receive flowers at work and that comes into play when Valentine’s Day falls on a week day, so deliveries are a huge part of it,” Naron said. “We will probably do anywhere from 1,000 to 1,200 deliveries on Valentine’s Day.”

Naron says, though a dozen roses may be a nice tradition, they encourage customers to consider a mix of blooms, which may also cut the cost just a bit.

Valentines Day at Oxford Floral

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The Lily Pad on the Square is also ready for Cupid’s arrival, whether you’re buying for a beau or a buddy.

“It’s one day where you can just spread the love,” store manager Stephany Kennedy said. “We did some Valentine’s Day candy that’s wrapped in hearts, and we did some cups that say ‘Wine is my Valentine’ and ‘Be mine.’”

Kennedy said the best-selling item for this season is their custom PJ Salvage pajamas.

“They’ve blown out of the water,” she said.

Lily Pad wraps gifts and will deliver if a customer is not in the Oxford area.

Valentines Day at The Lily Pad on the Square

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and The Lily Pad on the Square is ready for Cupid’s arrival. Store manager, Stephany Kennedy said she is excited about spreading some love and the new items they have for this Valentine season. ” It’s one day where you can just spread the love,” Kennedy said.

Story contributed by Ole Miss journalism students Turner St. Romain and DeAndria Turner.

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