Alarms, Credit Card Fraud, and More in Today’s Crime Report

Crime ReportOxford police responded to the following calls: Two 911 hang ups, 25 alarms, four animal complaint, burglary-building, two careless driving, counterfeit currency, credit card fraud, two disturbing the peace, two harassing phone calls, two improper parking, malicious mischief, five motorist assist, three noise violations, three petit larceny, property damage, two simple assaults, eight suspicious activity, two suspicious persons, six suspicious vehicles, three trespassing, seven welfare concerns.

Oxford police investigated  six accident, 58 tickets and made the following arrest:
DUI 1st, Careless Driving, No Insurance
DUI 1st, Driving in the Wrong Lane, No Driver’s License
DUI 1st, Obstructing Traffic
Possession of Paraphernalia
Possession of Paraphernalia, Speeding, No Tag
Possession of Schedule 2 Drug, Possession of Paraphernalia
Public Drunk
Public drunk, Failure to comply

Lafayette Sheriff’s Department responded to the following incidents: Seven accidents, 13 alarms, three animal complaints, auto burglary, residential burglary, six disturbances, petit larceny, three harassment, three juvenile complaint, malicious mischief, two service calls, four suspicious activities, three welfare concerns, four transports, information, traffic complaint, littering/dumping, two civil matters, natural cause of death.

Lafayette Sheriff’s Department made three arrests
No driver’s license, leaving the sense of an accident
simple assault
disorderly conduct, resisting arrest

Oxford Fire Department:
1/5 – 12:18 – The Marks Bldg. 53 – water pipe busted
1/5 – 13:06 – 300 Shadowcreek – call cancelled
1/5 – 16:35 & 17:57- Empty store beside Kroger – busted water pipe
1/5 – 17:45 – Baptist Hospital – low air pressure in sprinkler system activated the water flow alarm
1/5 – 21:45 – Tri Delta House – Servo Pro employee accidentally activated a smoke detector
1/6 – 09:46 – Newk’s University Ave. – call cancelled
1/6 – 19:37 – Shadowcreek – call cancelled
1/6 – 23:33 – Faulkner Flats #1716 – cooking activated the smoke detector
1/6 – 23:45 – Lucky Day Residential College – male subject climbed out onto a “high surface” on the building and FD had to get him down
1/7 – 05:56 – The Village Bldg. 205 Apt. 1 – busted water pipe
1/7 – 23:02 – 300 Shadowcreek – still having issues with the alarm system since the pipes busted

All lists and reports on Oxford Crime Report were provided by law personnel to as part of the public record. All persons depicted are innocent until convicted by a court of law.

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