Civil Matter, Suspicious Person, and More in Today’s Crime Report

Crime ReportOxford police responded to the following calls: Six alarms, animal complaint, civil matter, disturbing the peace, four fire department assist, K9 Search, two suspicious activity, suspicious person suspicious vehicle, welfare concern.

Oxford police investigated  four accident, 20 tickets and made the following arrest:
possession of paraphernalia, No Seatbelt
Possession of Marijuana, Possession of paraphernalia, Speeding and no insurance

Lafayette Sheriff’s Department responded to the following incidents: Four alarms, disturbance, grand larceny, two suspicious activities, three welfare concerns, transports, trespassing, five information, two follow up, fraud, a road obstruction, two civil matters, three civil processes.

Lafayette Sheriff’s Department made three arrests
Two writs to take custody
Sale of a controlled substance warrant

Oxford Fire Department:
07:31 – The Domain Bldg. 2 – busted water pipe
08:34 – Powers Hall – call canceled
11:08 – 1100 Augusta #204 – busted pipe
11:12 – The Connection Bldg. 9 – busted pipe
11:58, 14:09, 15:29, 01:30 & 01:33 – 300 Shadowcreek Dr. (in The Links area) – busted pipe then issues with the alarm resetting – FD still had to respond
12:11 – Turner Center – alarm company testing system
12:25 – 800 College Hill Road Bldg. 1 – busted water pipe
12:51 – The Connection Bldg. 4 – busted pipe
13:02 – Baptist Hospital Suite 3300 – melting plastic stuck in dishwasher activated a detector
13:07 – Vaught Hemingway North End Zone – busted pipe
13:52 – Highland Square 232 Town Center Dr. – busted pipe
14:20 – 1100 Augusta #204 – working on the alarm system
14:22 – Highland Square 217 Town Center Dr. – busted pipe
18:24 – The Domain #103 – busted pipe
18:28 – 3036 Davis Dr. Bldg. 4 – busted pipe

All lists and reports on Oxford Crime Report were provided by law personnel to as part of the public record. All persons depicted are innocent until convicted by a court of law.

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