How did Hugh Freeze Avoid Major Punishment? Chief Hearing Officer on Ole Miss Case Explains

Former Ole Miss HC Hugh Freeze. Photo by Steven Gagliano

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Former Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze was staring right at what could’ve been a devastating show-cause penalty, but he came away with something far less severe.

When the NCAA delivered its final verdict on Friday, it was revealed that Freeze was given a two-conference game suspension if he’s hired as a head coach between now and November 30, 2018.

What led to the discipline, which was widely viewed as mild? The chief hearing officer on Ole Miss’ case and Xavier athletic director Greg Christopher explained to The Clarion-Ledger that there are two ways to violate your head coach responsibility.

Christopher says it was deemed that Freeze failed to monitor but did promote an atmosphere of compliance, which prevented the NCAA from dropping a harsher hammer despite committing a Level I violation.

Other than fully cooperating during the case, the committee pointed out two factors that helped Freeze: 1) Prompt acknowledgment of the violations and acceptance of responsibility, and 2) No prior involvement with Level I, II or major violations.

This story was originally written by SEC Country’s (Talal Elmasry)It was republished on with permission from Cox Media Group. 
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