NCAA Ruling Against Ole Miss Causes Ripples in the Twitterverse

Social media reaction to the NCAA ruling on Ole Miss’ recruiting violations last week ranged from the stunned to the sardonic. Here’s a look at some of the more interesting tweets:

There’s a smart aleck in every bunch… 

This guy has clearly never laid eyes on the Grove, but he’s quite confident in his ignorance. (Also, either UVA’s grounds are historic or they’re not historic, but they can’t be VERY historic.)

We wish we had a snappy response to this one, but word is that the shopping has already begun…

Easy there, Bama fans. Sure, they can take away our scholarships and they can take away our bowl games, but they can’t take away that butt-whuppin’ we gave y’all in 2014 AND 2015.

This guy raises a good point. The universities make millions of dollars annually from sports. Isn’t it high time the athletes got a little bit of that?

Can’t argue with this guy. The NCAA made an example out of Ole Miss, but will anything change?

We’re shaking our heads, too, Alvin….

And, finally, in the alternate universe this guy comes from, Ole Miss gets all the breaks…

Compiled by Elyse Lenaburg and written by Rick Hynum. For more questions or comments email us at

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