10 Reasons OPD’s 10th Haunted House is PoTENtially the Spookiest

Oxford Police Department’s 10th Annual Haunted House is less than 10 days away! 

Captain Alan Ivy said, “It gives us a way to interact with the community that isn’t necessarily writing them a ticket.”

As OPD prepares for the spookiest three nights of October, here are 10 things your family will not want to miss:

1No Way Out Scene

The “No Way Out” scene is based off of the 2011 movie directed by Kristoffer Morgan, where scary creatures torment a man from the dark as he desperately tries to find an escape. Be sure to watch where you’re going and don’t let any spooky creatures get to you, or else you may not escape!

2It Scene

This scene is based off of the 2017 thriller, where a demon in the appearance of a clown begins to hunt down children. What’s a haunted house without a clown?

3Toxic Waste Spill Scene

This is a brand new scene, but we can conclude it will sure be extra spooky. Do not forget the number one rule of science: do not touch toxic waste, or else…

4Electric Chair Scene

Everyone’s worst nightmare has hit reality in this scene. Better be on your best behavior or else you may find yourself in this special chair!

5Doll Scene

This scene would not be complete without the appearance of Chucky, who is portrayed as a serial killer that attempts to transfer his soul from the doll to a human body. Lets hope it isn’t transferred to any humans this year!

6Blackout Scene

This scene will involve a television. One can only imagine how a haunted television will be able to scare the guts out of you!

7Tunnel of Surprise

There will be a tunnel where children and families will crawl through and various haunted surprises will be sure to knock your socks off!

8Outside Scene, Chainsaws

What is a Haunted House without a chainsaw? To top off the Haunted House and send you home with nightmares, there will be chainsaws awaiting you at the end. Beware.

9Escape Room/ Maze

After the completion of the haunted house, there will be an Escape Room maze put on by the drug coalition for educational purposes. Each participant will be asked a drug-related question and if they get it correct, they are told to go one way, but if they get it wrong, they are told to go the opposite way.

10Kids Tent

This event is for all ages. For the young ones that are too scared (or even the adults!), there will be a tent with face painting and other various activities.

Are you ready to be spooked? You do not want to miss this year’s haunted house! 

Captain Ivy said, “It’s pretty scary, a lot of jumping out and a lot of loud noises. Everybody seems to have a good time with it each year, so they keep coming back and bringing other people with them.”

The annual haunted house will be located at the OPD Training Building from 6 – 9 p.m. on Oct. 29, 30 and 31. Admission will be $3 and all proceeds will go toward Oxford Peace Officers Association.

By Emily Barnhouse, an intern for HottyToddy.com.

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