Judge Denies Leo Lewis and Kobe Jones’ Request to Move Lawsuit Trial

A judge ruled today that the lawsuit filed by Rebel Rags against Mississippi State’s Leo Lewis and teammate Kobe Jones must be tried in Lafayette County.

The lawsuit between Rebel Rags and two Mississippi State football players, Leo Lewis and Kobe Jones, took an interesting turn Thursday.

Circuit Court Judge John Kelly Luther denied a motion to move the trial to Oktibbeha County. The case will still be tried in Lafayette County.

Rebel Rags filed the lawsuit in July, alleging that Lewis and Jones gave false statements to the NCAA about receiving hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from Rebel Rags during the time of their recruitment.

Lewis and Jones made their claims about Rebel Rags in Starkville and tried to get the trial moved there. But the judge ruled the trial should take place where the store is located.

“This court finds defendants Jones and Lewis have been properly joined under Rule 20(a) as the relief asserted against the defendants arises from the same transaction, occurrence, or the same series of transactions or occurrences, and common questions of law or fact to all parties will arise in the action,” the judge’s ruling reads.

For more information regarding the case, click here.  

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