Oxford’s 2nd Chance MS Helps Create Support Fund for Adult Students

The nonprofit, founded by Dickie Scruggs, is one of several donors aiding adult students who get sidetracked by lack of basic necessities.

With 2nd Chance MS, Zach and Dickie Scruggs help adult students obtain their High School Equivalency and get training to find non-minimum wage jobs.

A new program at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC), funded in part by an Oxford nonprofit, will provide support to underserved adult students working to obtain their High School Equivalency and job skills training.

MGCCC is a leader in adult education and vocational skills training courses. But many adult students lack basic necessities, such as food, transportation, clothing, child care, and supplies needed for class.

With that in mind, 2nd Chance MS, Bacot McCarty Foundation and Chevron each made an initial contribution of $5,000 to establish the Wrap-Around Support Fund, to be administered by MGCCC. The fund will provide emergency assistance to deserving adult students in genuine need, helping them stay on track towards an education, training and, ultimately, a stable, non-minimum wage job.

Founded by Dickie Scruggs and Zach Scruggs, Oxford-based 2nd Chance MS raises awareness and funds for adult education and work skills training. Zach Scruggs, the nonprofit’s executive director, said the MGCCC program fits well with 2nd Chance’s mission. “At any point in time, the lack of basic necessities … can often prevent many hard-working, lower-income adult students from completing the highly rated adult education and workforce programs offered by MGCCC. This program is designed to remove such avoidable barriers and help the brave adult students on the Gulf Coast who are working hard to help themselves.”

One such adult student reflected on the help he received from 2nd Chance MS. “Men and women like me have made so many bad decisions that people give up on you,” said Christopher Shultz, an adult education graduate of MGCCC. “2nd Chance MS had enough faith in me to give me a second chance, and it’s changed my life.”

Todd Trenchard, executive director of Pascagoula-based Bacot McCarty Foundation, said he anticipates “positive outcomes” from the partnership. “We are confident that, by working together with such a fine group of educational champions, we can continue to make a difference in the communities we serve.”

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