Fender Benders May Cost More Than You Think

Even a minor accident can cost at least $1,000.

In just the past 30 days, the Ole Miss Campus has seen 43 vehicular accidents. With a few occurring each day, they are one of the most common police calls on campus, and most are fender benders in parking lots.

Although this seems like a minor problem, Steven McCain, a service writer at Highway 30 Collision Repair, said most people don’t realize the expenses of just a minor crash.

“A thousand dollars is, like, a very minor fender bender,” McCain said. “Very rarely do you see anything less than that. Even with fender benders you can have a lot of damage as far as the cost to repair the car.”

This cost is higher than most people realize, McCain went on to say. Yet, fender benders are not only fiscally taxing, but emotionally taxing as well. Ole Miss sophomore Nick Morris got into a parking lot fender bender on campus, and he found the entire process to be overwhelming.

“It was very nerve racking, especially since it was my first time ever being in an accident,” Morris said. “I was more mad at myself because it was originally my fault, and I knew that the moment it happened. Overall, it was definitely a wake-up call for me to be a little more aware.”

Morris’ accident is a prime example of how careless and distracted driving comes with bigger-than-expected consequences.

To avoid spending your time, money and energy on car repairs, University Police Lieutenant Bishop Lewis has one main tip to safe driving on campus.

“The biggest safety tips I would give is just slow down,” Lewis said. “You know, the University is a compact campus. It has hills and curves, and then there’s a ton of pedestrian foot traffic, bicyclists, motorcycles, all of that.”

Lewis maintains that slowing down gives you more time to stop in case anything gets in your way. Another tip Lewis gives is to become familiar with the campus roads, speeds and parking lots.

“If you’re familiar with the areas that you’re driving in and parking in, then you can do so more safely,” Lewis said.

To catch up on some safe driving tips, check out Nationwide Insurance’s driving safety tips. For updates on traffic and accidents on campus or in the Oxford area, follow the Oxford Police Department on Twitter.

For your safety, bank account and sanity, make sure you slow it down and stay focused when you’re driving on campus.

By Anna Bess Pavlakovich, a student of the Meek School of Journalism and New Media.

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  1. Well written and thoroughly researched. Fender benders are all too common especially in a college town like this. It’s the spooky season and I can think of no scarier horror story than turning left on Jackson (or university) Avenue! Golly, every time my car nears Sorority Row I fear for my life!!! Oxford is a dangerous town to drive in for sure and these students would do well to mind their traffic laws to make this town safer for all.

    • Misread the title as Gender Bender. Thought to myself “of course that’s expensive who wouldn’t realize the cost of a serious operation like a ‘gender bender’??” Ah well changed my whole interpretation when I saw Fender.