Landshark Wins by Landslide with 81 Percent of Vote

Photo by Julia Chisholm

The Ole Miss Associated Student Body announced tonight that over 81 percent of Ole Miss students have voted in favor of the Landshark becoming Ole Miss’ official mascot. With more than 4,100 student voters, ASB officers said in the announcement that they have “heard your voice.”

“We are incredibly excited to announce the results of our recent Landshark poll,” the announcement reads. “This represents a step forward toward fulfilling the University Creed more and more in our everyday lives, further tightening the bonds between all members of the Ole Miss family and uniting the student body behind a mascot that embodies the true spirit of our great university.”

The ASB also said in the announcement, they will move forward by providing university leaders with an official document detailing the opinion of students.

It goes on to say, “We hope this will be the catalyst for a transition toward a new mascot, the Landshark… It is clear that the student body believes the Landshark deserves to represent our school’s spirit on the field, in the Grove and in our hearts.”

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  1. Only 17% of students voted, that is not a landslide! If Colonel Reb had been on the ballot the turnout would have been much larger. It would have given a true reflection of the students true position. What about alumni, guess they don’t count, so they should stop giving money! Sad situation! Remains me of a soviet election.