ASB Extends Mascot Vote through Friday

Photo by Julia Chisholm

Since 2010, the Black Bear has been the official Ole Miss mascot. But today, students have a chance to make history.

The Associated Student Body is holding a vote on whether to keep the Black Bear as the Ole Miss mascot or change it to the Landshark.

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Voting opened today and will remain open until 7 p.m. Friday.

According to ASB President Kevin Dion III, the vote was only supposed to be open for one day, but due to the student personality elections taking place at the same time, the duration of the polls was extended.

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Ashley Ramirez is one Ole Miss student who is in favor of changing the mascot to the Landshark.

“I came to Ole Miss from California, and my friends from high school would always ask me why
our fans did fins up when our mascot is the Black Bear,” she said. “I’m excited now about the possibility of the Landshark being the mascot because my friends from home will be less confused.”

Another student, Reagan Moody, agreed, saying, “If our mascot changes to the Landshark, I will be so happy.”

Other students, such as Michael Wellman, remain undecided.

“I’m not sure about the mascot change. Whatever the majority wants,” Wellman said.

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ASB Announces “Landshark Referendum” To Change Ole Miss Mascot, Vote Upcoming

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  1. I congratulate the students. But the administration will never admit that they blew it when they decided on the Bear. (The ordinal vote was phony)

    They ignore the will of the students, ticket holders, fans all the time. They pretend to care, but they think they have all the answers.

    I would suggest the empty seats in the stadium as well as reduced donations show they don’t