Rooster’s Barn Cabin Opens As Oxford’s Newest Venue

The newest venue to open in Oxford is Rooster’s Barn Cabin. This unique venue is located 12 minutes from the University of Mississippi campus just off of College Hill Road. The owner and manager Scott Michael is also known for owning Rooster’s Blues House on the Square, as well as Velvet Hammer Security. Michael has transformed this once owned family barn, into the next best venue Oxford has to offer.

With the closing of Mr. Feathers, a honky tonk bar, in the spring of 2017, Michael decided to renovate the family barn. The renovations included taking out the once horse stables, revamping the inside and adding a bathroom upstairs in order to offer Oxford a new location for weddings, rehearsal dinners, parties, and events.

The newly renovated two-story barn is the perfect place for all occasions. With it being located in Lafayette County, the venue meets all city code and offers a barbed wire fence around the entire property as well as a wood fence around the venue, allowing a safe environment for all events. The venue offers a downstairs open floor; an upstairs secluded VIP area, as well as acres of land. The Barn Cabin is a perfect place year round; as it gets colder it will offer heaters as well as an opportunity to have a bonfire.  

The venue has a one-way entrance and exit, and is bus accessible, offering a circle turn around for convenience. It is maintained very well and “whatever it needs, we make sure it is set and good for all clients,” Michael said.

Upon arrival at the property, there are a few horses and dogs to greet you as a warm welcome to the gorgeous property. The property allows you to feel as if you are not in Oxford anymore and have stumbled upon something unique and special.

Currently, Rooster’s Barn Cabin does not have their liquor license.

Michael explains, “That is part of the sell of the venue. If I had a liquor license I would have to charge you for beer.”

Groups are allowed to bring their own alcohol, in affect to keep the cost of the venue down.  The venue is priced fairly and less expensive than most venues offered around Oxford.

“Everybody I show it to says ‘We have to book this’. The hardest part is getting people out here to see the Barn Cabin. Once they are here they fall in love with it” Michael said.

The Barn Cabin is predicted to book up fast, by its unique offerings and gorgeous scenery. For more information on Rooster’s Barn Cabin contact Scott Michael at 662-202-8201. This new and unique venue is the perfect place for all occasions.

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