New Year, New Bid Day Rules

Phi Mu on Bid Day in 2015. Photo by Walter Lyle

It is about that time, and the anticipation is killing us all… Some may say it is the feeling of Christmas approaching, but instead of presents, 1,500 freshmen girls will be eagerly opening their bid cards!!! On the morning of September 24th, the 2017 potential new members will be congregating in the Grove waiting for the moment when they get to run home to their respected sisterhoods.

Ole Miss’ 2017 bid day will be one of less color and less chaos for the 11 sorority chapters on campus. Due to the competitive and over the top bid day celebrations that have occurred in recent years, Panhellenic has put a number of restrictions on what is acceptable to be present in the front yards of sorority homes this coming Sunday.

In contrast to the glamorous bid day themes that Oxford has seen in the past, there will be a restriction on all balloons, streamers, and confetti of any sort that would have originally contributed to the new member celebration. With that being said, all live entertainment and hired companies outside of the University will not be present on Sorority Row or Rebel Drive Sunday afternoon.

Parents, you are welcome. You will not have to listen to the roaring sound of clashing playlists on the street all day! The only entertainment that will be provided this year will be from the one of a kind, sorority girls themselves. As for food and beverage, all treats must be served inside the sorority chapter facilities. 

A bid day guest protocol has been enforced to clear the path for the incoming sorority pledge classes of 2021. This year, in order for anyone to line the streets of campus bid day morning, you must wear a wristband with the indication that you are either an active sorority member, an alumnae or advisor, a new member, or one of the three family members that an incoming member invites.

Gamma Chi Hailey Mckee states, “The reasoning for these new rules and changes is to provide more efficiency and security regarding who enters and exits houses and to prevent overcrowding both inside and outside the houses.”

In the event a participant does not have a wristband, they will be required to leave. Be sure to plan ahead so you can greet your loved one on their unforgettable day. As usual, this is a sober event for women at their respected chapter houses and/or bid day spaces. It is important that you respect these Panhellenic wishes and have yourself a Merry Bid Day!!

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