Blue Sky Beats the Heat with Fresh Daiquiris

The daiquiri dispensers behind the counter at Blue Sky create a beautiful rainbow of alcoholic slushies. Photo by Walter Lyle
Blue Sky on the side of Highway 6 (with an actual blue sky behind it). Photo by Walter Lyle

If you’ve been out on Highway 6 towards Batesville, it’s hard to miss the countless car dealerships, the old Mr. Feathers (RIP), and Krystal’s. You’ve also probably seen the prominent Blue Sky convenience store on the side of the highway. It looks nice and high-end, and is usually a good place to stop on the way out of town.


But they’re unique. Why? Thanks for asking, kind reader. I shall tell you. They sell daiquiris. Fresh ones, too.

Blue Sky’s daiquiris have a few different flavors to choose from. Photo by Walter Lyle

It’s about as easy as getting an Icee. The only difference is that the drink is poured for you behind the counter inside (also the alcohol; most Icees don’t have alcohol in them). You pick your size and flavor. The attendant then fills up a styrofoam cup, firmly places a lid on top, and hands it to you with instructions to not remove the lid until you get home. Without the lid, the drink is considered to be an open container, which can lead to an arrest or fines on the customer.

Indistinguishable from a fountain drink, you can sip on this at work and no one will know you’re day-drinking. Photo by Walter Lyle

Christine Anderson, the manager at the Oxford Blue Sky, estimates anywhere between 50-75 people a day stop by to grab a daiquiri. And it’s not just college students–Anderson says that people of all ages come in to get one (as long as they’re 21, of course).

While Blue Sky is not the only convenience store in Oxford to sell fresh daiquiris, they will always hold the title of being the first to do so.

Of course, I had to try one for myself. I went in Tuesday night and picked one up to sip on while I watched Netflix at home. And it was delicious. Drinking alone sounds sad, but it’s less sad when it comes in a slushed-ice version. I regret nothing.

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