Nutt’s Attorney Claims Freeze and Three Others Used Burner Phones

Photo by Steven Gagliano

Houston Nutt’s lawsuit against the University of Mississippi provoked the eventual investigation which led the resignation of Hugh Freeze due to an investigation into his phone records, and Nutt’s legal team continues to dig deeper.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Thomas Mars, Nutt’s attorney claims to have evidence that up to three staff members used burner phones to hide contact with recruits which would go against NCAA rules.

The claims allegedly include assistants buying the pay-as-you-go phones “with cash, sometimes at out of state locations or using fictitious names.” The report also claims that Mars has a sworn affidavit confirming the use of a burner phone by Freeze, in direct violation of NCAA rules.

The Journal’s article mentioned that when prompted by Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork back in August to fill out a form to disclose any use of a burner phone, 0 of the 29 staff members admitted to using one for any reason.

Nutt’s lawsuit against the university was tied to what he believed to be a smear campaign against him in order to distance the then-current staff from the allegations against the program. The case was dismissed from federal court in August, but Nutt and his legal team will reportedly refile the case in state court.

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  1. Maybe Nutt should try the Ninth Court of Appeals out west as they are the most slanted of all of them. Attorneys are guiding his wisdom for their wallets. It’s over and done… Let it go.

  2. Why aren’t Ole Miss fans outraged that the team cheated?

    All I see are people complaining about everything else — the NCAA, State, lawyers.

    No one associated with Ole Miss, be they fans, Oxford media, or administration, has expressed the slightest bit of contrition.

    No remorse.

    No consideration of the immorality of it all. (God forbid.)

    No acceptance of responsibility.

    Only anger, denial, accusations, and lots of other behavior that shows our shallowness and selfishness to the rest of the world.


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