Don’t Make These 10 Common Mistakes Made By Ole Miss Freshmen

The Lyceum on the Ole Miss Campus. Photo by Walter Lyle

As classes begin at Ole Miss, it is a good time to consider freshmen mistakes and their remedies:

1. Mistake: Skipping class
Remedy: Go to Class!

With the freedom that college affords it is easy to “sleep in” or find a more fun and exciting way to spend your time. But remember, students who go to class make better grades!

2. Mistake: Sitting in the back row seats of the classroom
Remedy: Sit in the front row seats of the classroom.

Students who sit up front make better grades!

3. Mistake: Wasting or misusing your time
Remedy: Balance your time.

College provides many choices concerning how to spend your day. College is supposed to be fun, but students must balance their time between the social and fun activities and their academics.

4. Mistake: Relying on their fellow classmates and peers for answers to questions they will have.
Remedy: Seek guidance from university faculty and staff.

Freshmen counseling freshmen is a formula for bad information and disaster.

5. Mistake: Procrastination
Remedy: Get and use a planner to best manage your time!

Students should not wait until the last minute to prepare assignments.

6. Mistake: Cramming for exams
Remedy: Begin preparation for your exams and spread out your preparation and study over several days in advance.

College is not high school. Cramming for exams will not work!

7. Mistake: Not studying for an exam or reading the assigned chapters and material.
Remedy: Study and read all of the material!

In high school, many are able to “get by” or even “excel” without spending time reading and studying all of the assigned material. This will not suffice in college. Study and prepare!

8. Mistake: Not getting enough sleep/sleeping too much, and not making healthy food and drink choices.
Remedy: Make sure you maintain a balanced, nutritious diet. Get the right amount of sleep for you.

Healthy lifestyles = feeling good and performing well.

9. Mistake: Failing to communicate your needs and problems (academic, social, or otherwise).
Remedy: Seek out guidance and support from faculty and staff.

The University has a multitude of resources to support students and facilitate their success. Raise your hand, ask questions, and seek help.

10. Mistake: Failing to take responsibility for their lives (academic, personal, spiritual, or otherwise)
Remedy: Respect yourself, respect others, and respect The University.

You are now a college student and young adult. Live each day as such. The University of Mississippi Creed is a good model for all students.

DeweyKnight1Dewey Knight is the Associate Director of the Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience at the University of Mississippi. He acknowledges the many individuals who have contributed to his knowledge and understanding of First-Year students: Dr. Kenneth Sufka, the author of ‘The A Game’, which is a wonderful resource for first-year students in their quest for success; Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs Emeritus Dr. Larry Ridgeway; Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs Dr. Brandi Hephner Labanc; and Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs Leslie Banahan.


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