Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society’s Pig Finds A Home

Mavis taking a walk at the Humane Society. Photo Courtesy of Savannah Woods.

A white and black pot belly pig named Mavis, was available for adoption this past week at the Oxford Lafayette Humane Society.

On Thursday, June 13, Cara Waldrup a Batesville, Miss. native put an application in to adopt Mavis. After receiving over 45 applications, the Oxford Lafayette Humane Society reviewed and selected Cara to be the new owner of the pig.

Cara and Mavis. Photo Courtesy of Savannah Woods.

“I already have another pig named Charlotte at home and I thought that she needed a sister,” Cara said.

Cara has trained her other pig Charlotte to jump onto the bed and she responds to demands when called by name. She intends to teach the same things to her new friend, Mavis.

Cara with Mavis at the Oxford Lafayette Humane Society. Photo courtesy of Savannah Woods.

Mavis and Charlotte are both potty trained and they wear a harness so they can be hooked on a leash to go on walks.

Mavis enjoys fun activities like swimming and eating vegetables.

“We have little pools that the pigs can jump into to cool down this summer. Mavis already loves water,” Cara said.

Cara hopes that Mavis will be the perfect addition to her home and that Charlotte and Mavis will enjoy each others company.



Savannah Woods is a social media intern for HottyToddy.com. She can be reached at sswoods@go.olemiss.edu.