With Enrollment Rising, Helix Apartments Coming To Oxford In 2018

Helix Apartments Construction Site

The University of Mississippi enrollment totaled 16,550 students in the 2014-2015 school year and that number continues to rise. While figures for the upcoming year have yet to be released, according to the University of Mississippi Oxford and Regional Enrollment as of the Fall 2016-2017, there is now a total enrollment of 21,260 students.

This increase in student population has called for an overall need in off -campus housing throughout the Oxford area.

With the demand for student housing, new developments have begun to sprout up across Oxford in recent years. Helix apartments will become one of Oxford’s newest off-campus student housing options coming in the fall of 2018.

According to the Homestead Development Partners website, Jared Miller, Managing Director of Asset Management for Homestead Development Partners, said that Helix “crafts each of their communities to empower students through inspiring design, exceptional service, and a focus on whole self/ well-being.”

Miller said college should be a journey of vast experiences and Helix is happy to provide the stage. Since the beginning of 2017, 12 buildings, a two-story clubhouse at 12,989 square feet are in the process of being built.

Doug Cooper, Owners Representative of Homestead Development Partners, said there is a total of 252 units with 790 total bed spaces. 

Rendering of Helix Apartments. Image courtesy of Oxford’s.net

“They vary by number of bedrooms per unit,” Cooper said. “There are one, two, and four-bedroom unit options with different floor plans and private bathrooms in each bedroom.”

Amenities are made available such as cable and wifi, washer and dryer, and options for water and electric can be included.

“Helix offers great amenities,” Cooper said. “There is a pool, game room, leasing center on site, trash service, and the apartments come furnished.”

Cooper believes students always want more for their money but they also want to be where their friends are.

Helix has already made a splash in the state of Mississippi as Helix Apartments in Starkville, opened up about a year ago.

Annalee Ellis, Helix apartment renter, and psychology major at Mississippi State, said living at Helix has been a really fun experience. Ellis is currently in a four bedroom but moving into a two-bedroom next week.

“I’ve been here for the past year and they have taken care of me and answered any questions I’ve had immediately,” Ellis said. “It’s great because there’s 24-hourur gym and a pool which is great for the summer.”

The Oxford 2037 Plan indicates that the area’s commercial markets generally benefit from the growth of the university.

“Oxford’s housing supply has increased by nearly 88 percent between 2000 and 2014, in addition to about 5,400 units. In 2014, the off-campus student population was estimated to be around 12,100.

Nearly 57 percent of the housing added in Lafayette County during that period was narrowed down to single-family units. About 85 percent between the ages 15 to 24 rented their living and only 520 of those in that age group owned their homes and or apartments while 3,000 rented.” – Vision 2037 

Lionel Maten, Assistant Vice Chancellor For Student Affairs and Director of Student Housing, said that off-campus housing likes to have the universities perspective on housing and population and they have a few meetings a year.

“We like to maintain a strong partnership,” Maten said. “I believe there are also certain teams that travel to Oxford and take an analysis of the town before they make decisions to build.”

Helix apartments are expected to be completed before the fall of 2018. 

Project site:

Chelsea Scott is a student in the Meek School of Journalism. She can be reached at ccscott4@go.olemiss.edu


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    More traffic on South Lamar!

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    Our city keeps getting better and better!