EatingOxford: Ultimate Auto Center To Become Oxford Canteen

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Almost immediately after the Ultimate Auto Center at 766 N. Lamar closed (near Volta Taverna), questions arose about what the building might become. Could it be another restaurant, a bank, or apartments?

I touched base with a couple of reliable Oxford sources, and they lead me to Corbin Evans, owner of Canoodle by Oxford Canteen, who quickly confirmed that he and his crew were indeed the ones who have been working on the building.

In fact, the Canoodle by Oxford Canteen Facebook page just posted the following announcement late last night, letting restaurant fans know that the building at 766 N. Lamar Boulevard will be a new Oxford Canteen, and the current location in the alley will be closed at the end of this week.

“We are super excited to announce the opening of a NEW Oxford Canteen in the near future. Located at 766 N. Lamar Blvd. at the intersection of Price Street. You may remember it as the Purple Garage Detailing Shop. As you may have noticed during the last few weeks, we also plan on keeping some of the character of the original building while adding some touches of our own.”

“We will have parking, seasonal outdoor seating and the same great food you have come to expect in the alley next to the Lyric Theater.”

“We will be serving food and beverage from both the original Oxford Canteen menu, like the Beef Brisket Grilled Cheese with Sriracha Mayo and Cheddar Cheese and the Breakfast Tacos, as well as some favorites from the Canoodle menu, like the Cheesy Chicken Ramen with Roasted Chicken, American Cheese and a Fried Egg, of course.”

“We are also working on a brand new menu for the evening hours with the same Farmers Market Friendly philosophy of local and sustainable products, whenever possible, cooked simply and with respect for the ingredients.”

“We cook the way we like to eat with a fresh, healthy approach.”

“We will eventually be open Tuesday through Sunday with breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday Brunch menus.”

“We have had a great run feeding you all and while our original idea of a “Food Truck without Wheels” has served us well for over 3 years, the opportunity to grow into a larger space with a full kitchen, a ROOF, and the same quirky atmosphere we have fostered in the alley, couldn’t be passed up.”

“In order to fully focus our efforts on the new Oxford Canteen, we will be closing up the window in the alley at the end of this week. Our hope is, while we are readying the new spot, to have a couple PopUps the last 2 weeks of July to test out some new ideas, train some new staff and provide everyone one last chance to eat in the alley.”

“We will keep you posted as opening day approaches and feel free to stop by and peek your head in to see our progress.”

“We are so grateful that in the last 3+ years so many of you have become not just our “regulars” but our friends. We have been inspired by our conversations and motivated by your hunger.”

“We plan on pushing that to the next level at the new location. We can hardly wait. We hope you can’t either.”

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  1. Oxford is running small service businesses and mom and pop productions out of this town. Pretty soon Oxford Loop & Jackson will be lined with nothing but retail and food joints and you will have to drive to Batesville to get a oil change. How many former service stations are going to be turned into restaurants? We need service industries to create jobs and support this economy. Housing is so expensive because we have too many fast food jobs and not enough service and skilled labor in this area that pay better wages. Oxford is turning into a mini Beverly Hills, without the hillbillies that made this town.