Parking Policy Changes Retracted After Public Opposition

On Monday, the Ole Miss Department of Parking and Transportation announced changes to the parking policy on campus, which included ticketing drivers for backing into parking spaces. The change was announced as the department shifts from a permit system to a new license plate recognition software over the next two years. After receiving strong opposition to the announcement, the department has announced that they will not be implementing the new policy preventing drivers from backing into spaces. 

The University will continue to implement the LPR system as scheduled but will adapt to the current parking regulations. The department’s statement on the matter can be read below. 

“The Department of Parking & Transportation has updated a policy change regarding backing into/pulling through parking spaces.

On June 12, the university community received an email detailing a new policy requiring all vehicles to park in a way in which the license plate would be visible from the drive aisle. Based on feedback received over the past two days, we have reconsidered and will not be implementing the policy. While the Department of Parking and Transportation will continue to move forward with implementation of License Plate Recognition software over the next few years, we will NOT issue citations to drivers who back into parking spaces or pull through parking spaces. Instead, we will adjust the operation to accommodate those who back into or pull through spaces. Thank you for your feedback.”

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