Student Union Expansion Progressing Ahead Of August Opening

The Ole Miss Union expansion is taking shape and is expected to open before students arrive for fall semester. Photo courtesy of Ole Miss Communications

The student union on the Ole Miss campus has been completely “behind the fence” since December 21, 2016. With just a small selection of the student body in town for summer classes, crews are hard at work to keep the project on track. The new addition to the union is scheduled to be finished before the beginning of the upcoming fall semester. 

The completed project will double the square footage of the Union with 173,000 square feet. All of the restaurants will be in the expansion section of the Student Union. In addition to Chick-Fil-A, Panda Express and other restaurants which were available before the construction, a full-service McAlister’s Deli and Which Wich Sandwich’s will open as well. 

In addition to new dining options, the expansion will also feature an 8,200 square foot ballroom space for events. As the expansion enters its final months of construction, you can see the project’s progress below. 

The existing structure’s renovation won’t be completed until the fall of 2018. The space will be transformed both inside and out to feature new meeting spaces for student organizations, with a 2,500 square foot conference room and a 2,700 square foot council room. Photos of the existing structure’s renovation can be seen below.

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  1. I was away from Ole Miss for years when so much building was going on. When I went back I was so impressed with how the new buildings blended with the old. Brilliant. The only “miss” in my opinion was the outside renovation Of the two dormitories sitting off Jackson Ave. we knew them as the Twin Towers. The blond bricks etc and other elements didn’t work. Ugly.

    This student union is the second “miss” in my opinion. The old one was ugly but it SORT OF blended with the campus. Maybe the outside of this remodeled union will be different when finished. But this pink stuff and other elements dont blend with anything. They had already shown it was possible to build new contemporary buildings that blended with the old. This looks like it was designed by someone who never set foot on the campus. I’m not a fan of putting columns on new buildings to make them look old. I’m not a traditionalist. But boy. This is a huge disappointment. Hopefully the inside will be so brilliant that no one notices the outside.

  2. Blowing the picture up I can now see that the pink is being bricked over. But the color of bricks don’t work along with the whole design.