The Best 4 Years Of Your Life As Told By “How I Met Your Mother”

While going through the four (or five) years of college, a person experiences a multitude of emotions. From moving into your freshman dorm to walking across the stage at graduation, you feel like a completely changed person. A person who’s emotions can only be told by “How I Met Your Mother.”

1Freshman Year

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Walking onto the college campus for the first time as a student is a type of feeling you can only experience once. Take it in. It lasts for about 30 seconds. After that, you are officially a college student, but luckily, you are a freshman and ready to take on anything that this university has to offer you. In general, every freshman has the Barney Stinson attitude of “challenge accepted.”

2Sophomore Year

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After the first year of college, one has a totally different outlook on life. How could you possibly know this or that or anything? You are only a sophomore! Well, accept it, this is the new way of life for you. You are going to have to figure things out; you are going to have to put up with people and rules that you do not like. Welcome to sophomore year, you are going to love it.

3Junior Year

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There comes a time in life when you feel like you have come so far and could not possibly learn anything else, but then you have a moment like Ted. How many F’s are in the word professor? It is okay, grab a dictionary, and keep on pushing through. College is at one of its highest peaks right now. Enjoy the ride.

4Senior Year

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It is the final countdown and it is bittersweet. There are so many emotions packed within this one year. Some of the best years of your life are coming to an end. Therefore, you can totally relate to Barney here. Meanwhile, a whole new chapter is about to start, and you cannot wait. You do not want to say all the goodbyes to all the “besties” that you have made along the way. However, this chapter is ending, and it’s time for you to write the next one.

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