Video Emerges Of Top Recruit Trey Smith Punching Ole Miss Signee

A video posted by @Volblood on Twitter shows Tennessee signee OL Trey Smith beating up Ole Miss OL signee Tony Gray. The incident takes place in a hotel room which TMZ reports was at an Under Armor Camp two years ago.

A conflicting report was posted by stating that the fight occurred during the Under Armor All-American Game week back in January.

The video can be seen below and pictures Smith (right) punching Gray repeatedly before he is able to leave the room. Gray allegedly stole a pair of headphones from Smith leading to the confrontation. 

Smith was the #1 overall recruit out of Jackson, Tennessee, and Gray committed to Ole Miss out of Grayson, Georgia. will update this story as more information becomes available. 

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  1. Another questionable young man lured to Oxford so a few people can profit off him.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us have to keep our hands in our pockets and lock our doors.

    College sports are great!