Jim Kelly Shows Nephew Support Ahead Of Bills Meeting

Photo by Danny Dickey

Chad Kelly’s issues ahead of the 2017 NFL draft have been well documented. From his off-the-field concerns to his recent injuries, the former Rebel QB faces an uphill battle to landing a gig as an NFL quarterback.

One thing that is on Kelly’s side is support from his uncle, Jim Kelly. The Hall of Fame QB posted his support for his nephew over the weekend, which included a video that can be seen below.  

The video featured is from a “Sports Science” segment featuring the former Rebel QB, in which he showed an impressive display of accuracy. Kelly hit 19 throws in a row from 10 yards and 10-out-of-10 from 15 yards, the first QB to do so in the segment which has featured the draft’s top QBs for several years. The segment was obviously filmed before the injury to Kelly’s wrist which will sideline him for at least three months. 

Kelly’s support of his nephew may already be paying dividends as Chad met with his uncle’s former team, the Buffalo Bills, on Monday, according to the Buffalo News. After his pro day was cut short on April 3, Kelly told the media he has meetings lined up with several teams but chose not to disclose which ones. It’s more likely than not that the meeting between the Bills and Kelly had already been set up, so the time of the post may just be a coincidence. 

The NFL Draft will begin on April 27 in Philadelphia. 

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