Sardis Spring Weather Brings In Quite The Catch

Written by Tommy Ray. Ray spent yesterday (March 21) enjoying the warm spring air at Sardis Lake.

Today was a spectacular morning at Sardis. I’ll not bore you with but two images, taken about 14 feet apart at a 10-minute interval. A small monetary contribution to my offshore bank account will get you the full sequence.

I had been watching this Great Blue Heron for half an hour, when he suddenly flew out over the water and landed. Usually such a move is immediately followed by ducking for a fish and coming back to the rocks. This time, he floated for almost a full minute. You can see here what he came up with. I was lucky enough to get the full sequence of his swallowing the monster.

A fellow who had been casting his line nearby suddenly began to reel something in. You can see what a feast he added to his string.

Guess Pisce wasn’t taking care of his flock today!

By Tommy Ray

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