Oxford Developer Larry McAlexander Takes On Challenge, Developing On Highway 6

Right across from Cannon Chevrolet sits a five-acre lot, which was no more than an empty pit a few short months ago. That is until developer Larry McAlexander decided to undertake a project.

Since the project began, they have raised the ground level by 25 feet. McAlexander hopes to be done laying the dirt over the next month, but it will depend on the weather. The plan is to have the development set eight feet below the highway when completed.

“This was the last parcel of land near Jackson Avenue. I feel fortunate to have it, and I think its a great piece of property. It’s just going to take a lot of work to get it to where you can build on it,” McAlexander said. 

While there aren’t any confirmed tenants of the commercial spaces, McAlexander has been talking with many potential business owners who are ready to fill the space. 

“I’m talking to several people, but nothing’s a done deal until the check is in the bank. Everyone talks about doing it but coming to fruition is a different thing,” McAlexander said. “I wish I could tell you I had three contracts on this land, but I’d hate to say I have those done because they may or may not happen. Right now, it’s just a raw piece of land, and we’re hoping we can develop it.”

While many saw the difficulties of developing on this plot of land, McAlexander jumped at the opportunity. Since 1980, McAlexander has developed numerous areas of Oxford, but none more challenging than a building that all of Oxford recognizes. What was once a 40-foot hole and garbage dump is now the Federal Building near the Oxford Square. Taking the same approach with this new development, McAlexander is willing to work with the land to get things done. 

“Around Oxford and Lafayette, you’re either gong to build on a hill or in a hole. A lot of people are scared of it, but I see the opportunity in the difficulty of it. Everyone looked at this lot, just like they looked at the Federal Building lot,” McAlexander said. “The terrain didn’t bother me as much as the price of the land, but we negotiated and got the deal done.”

HottyToddy.com will continue to update this story as we receive new information about potential tenants. 

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