Oxford High School Seniors Start “Double Knot Apparel” Clothing Line

For years, longtime friends Sam Morgan and Giles Lamar have been trying to come up with an idea for a new business venture. The pair of Oxford High seniors have always had a passion for clothing, and when Lamar walked into his home and saw one of his mother’s paintings, it spawned the idea for their new clothing line, “Double Knot Apparel.”

Double Knot Apparel’s clothing will feature the artwork of Giles’ mother Nicole, a local artist. Different pieces of her art will be featured throughout Double Knot’s lineup, which will include shirts and sweatshirts for both men and women.

“She’s one of the most well-known artists around town, and when we really looked at her artwork, we thought to ourselves how cool it would look on a shirt,” Morgan said. “Her art is very vibrant, and it’s different than anything we’ve seen, and we’re really looking forward to people having the chance to see our first set of designs.”

Starting a business is no easy task, but Giles and Morgan noticed that Oxford is the perfect place to garner support in helping get their business off the ground.

“Everyone here is connected; it’s a small town with a big web,” Morgan said. “Lately, I’ve felt so loved because of the encouraging remarks from friends and family as we get going.”

It’s just a great community, and we appreciate everyone who’s supporting us… especially the Oxford High School student body; they’ve really been doing a lot to help us out,” Lamar added.

Among those encouraging the pair to pursue their goal of creating a successful clothing is publisher of HottyToddy.com, Dr. Ed Meek. Meek has been an influence in Morgan’s life through the Eagle Scouts and has also admired Nicole Lamar’s artwork for years. 

“This a great idea pulled together from the business and creative genes of two outstanding Oxford families,” Meek said. “Sam is an Eagle Scout and son of John and Nicole Morgan, a family who has a rich Oxford history. Giles, his mom, Nicole and dad, Chad, continue the traditions of Dr. Wayne Terry Lamar and the late Mayor Pat Lamar. Nicole is a superb artist and the concept of her work being used in clothing is innovative and exciting.” 

There is no shortage of clothing in Oxford, but Morgan and Lamar feel that they have created something that will grab the attention of people around town. 

“We’re not just your average designs,” Morgan said. “You see a lot of the same stuff around town, and we want to feature different things that are colorful and eye catching, and create designs that will make people wonder where it came from.” 

The first release will feature five unique designs and will soon be available to be purchased from the company website doubleknotapparel.com

The first set of designs can be seen below:





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