Jay Hughes: Keeping It Real, Public Schools

img_0689I have had the good fortune to have my daughter in Oxford public schools, and go through all of them over the years. [Yesterday], I had the honor of visiting Eiland Middle School in Louisville (Winston County, 8th grade English with Shonna Harvey Ryals). The kids are oblivious to Jackson and absolutely AMAZING! This is what I wish all public officials could see:

Real STUDENTS (from varied homes and situations);

img_0695Real TEACHERS (who spend their own money to buy basic supplies for kids who are not their own);

Real ASST. PRINCIPALS (who drive school buses twice a day to make ends meet)

img_0692Real BUILDINGS (built during segregation and full of leaks)

Real BUSES (decades old and running on May-Pops);

Real MISSISSIPPI (where politics and party doesn’t matter);

img_0694Real CLASSROOM Supplies (with not enough books for all kids).

BOTTOM LINE: Funding matters – always – as do the futures of every single one of these students.

Jay HughesOxford lawyer Jay Hughes serves the 12th District in the Mississippi House of Representatives. He can be contacted at jayfordistrict12@gmail.com.

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